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Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Eric Vanderberg, current Winroc employee of 3 months.

Safety is everyone's reponsibility. It rests with all levels of management and with each employee.

Winroc manages workplace safety at all levels of the organization. Winroc utilizes consultants in each region to work closely with the branches to help manage risks and to address unique market conditions while promoting corporate best practices. Regional meetings are held on a regular basis raising awareness and sharing best practices while encouraging input from the branch level. Winroc's Director, Health and Safety works with the regions and safety consultants to provide direction and coordinate efforts. Winroc is committed to the training needs of our employees in order to support their personal development and to promote safe work practices.

In addition to our own best practices Winroc's people will take additional safety measures as required by our company's site specific needs.

Winroc has qualified for the COR (certificate of recognition) programs in Alberta and most recently in British Columbia. We will continue to expand our participation in industry programs across Canada and the United States.

Safety is a corporate value and a condition of employment!

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

The following links are provided as available resources for obtaining MSDS product information.

Links to our key supplier web sites are another source of MSDS product information.
Steel Framing
Acoustical Ceilings

For questions on MSDS or to obtain MSDS information on specific supplier products, click here to locate a branch location to contact.