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Murray Danyluk, current Winroc employee of 21 years.

Growing from Western Canadian roots.

Wayne Jack, Winroc’s founder, hired the entrepreneurial people and designed the corporate structure that grew Winroc from a single store in Winnipeg, Manitoba to 34 branches across Canada plus nine branches in Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada and Utah. Winroc’s products have evolved over the years, and its geographical footprint has expanded. But our core values haven’t changed since 1971, and neither has our belief that the people in the branches – those who work with customers – are the best people to decide how to look after you.

Winroc has grown through a series of acquisitions across Canada and each of the four states in which we operate. Winroc’s first acquisition was Alberta Drywall Supplies in 1983, allowing Winroc to gain a foothold in Western Canada and paving the way for future expansion. In the mid-90s, Winroc moved into Arizona and Minnesota, followed by Utah in 2000 and Nevada in 1999.

The creation of the Allroc buying group in the mid 70's with partners in Vancouver and Regina became a major strategic advantage that gave us access to more high-quality products and suppliers than our individual stores could secure on their own. On the very day it launched operations, Allroc was the largest buyer of wall and ceiling products in Canada. Today, Allroc is still one of the country’s largest gypsum buyer and one of the largest in North America.

Winroc was acquired by Superior Plus in June 2004. Joining Superior Plus allowed Winroc to further grow its operations to serve customers in new regions in Ontario, Maritimes, British Columbia, and USA.