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Our People

Our People
our people

Jordan Wenzel, current Winroc employee of 1 year.

Winroc is its people.

Winroc is the people you see every day in our branches and at your job site. They’re the ones who deliver the great one-on-one service you’ve come to expect from us. Winroc is also our branch general managers who run their branch and look after customers as if it was their own business. Our trick is simple: Winroc’s people think from your perspective. When we make a delivery, we ask ourselves, “Where would we want these products to be placed if we were going to install them?” Thinking like you ensures you spend more time installing Winroc’s products and less time moving them around.

Knowing where to put your products comes from Winroc’s extensive product knowledge training. Our suppliers are continually inventing new products so our people are continually learning about the latest and greatest available. We are committed to developing our people by providing industry leading learning and development so that we can recommend and find the right products for your project. The establishment of our Winroc University supports our people on everything from safety, operations, sales and personal development, this is all done to ensure you get exactly what you requested every time.