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What our people say!

What Our People Say!
what our people say

Murray Danyluk, current Winroc employee of 21 years.

Why I like working at Winroc

"My work at Winroc takes me to many of Winroc's branches in Canada and the United States. I enjoy meeting and working with the people in the different branches. Everyone at Winroc is very approachable and professional."

- Purnima Pandit
Senior Accountant Compliance

"Winroc is a growing company that requires individuals willing to grow with it. A person who is employed with Winroc will have many opportunities to demonstrate their willingness to learn, ability to master their position, ability to show others through experience what they have learned and to be able to supervise others. The jobs are always different to avoid boredom, training is provided and safety is paramount. Our customers expect service, respect, quality products, accurate materials and safe work procedures while filling their orders either at a site, or at the stores."

- Ken Baron
Calgary South Branch Supervisor, 15 years of service

"I've been with Winroc for almost two years now with the IS Department. As someone new to the IS business, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to utilize my education and begin my career within the computer industry.

When I first started, I was trained in different roles within the company to become knowledgeable within my role as help desk support. My role in help desk support brings all different kinds of challenges so one cannot expect what the day will bring. For someone who enjoys diversity in their workload, this position is ideal.

Working within a team of experienced and educated co-workers allows for continuous support and they are always willing to lend a hand when called upon. Managers who value your opinion and believe in an open door policy are key to our structure and make your work day enjoyable.

I plan on continuing my career with Winroc for many years to come and advise future and current employees to do the same!"

- Kristina Gibson
Central Office, IS Business Systems Analyst, 2 years of service

"Back in late 1980's I came to the conclusion it was time for a change. I had been driving truck most of my adult life. I applied for a position with Winroc as a delivery driver and started my Winroc career.

Previous to my employment with Winroc the longest I was with any company was less than two years. I always thought that to keep life interesting you could not go to the same building and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, I was wrong; there have been very few boring moments over my years Winroc.

My first role in Winroc was as a delivery truck driver, over the years I have worked in several of our western Canadian branches, in varied capacities. Back when I started I would have told anyone to 'Give Your Head a Shake' if they would have told me where I would end up.

Since 1998 I have been working in the Corporate IT department. My involvement in the IT department includes being part of a team supporting the company's software applications, the team also develops and QA's the new segments of our applications that are constantly evolving as the business needs grow.

Definitely not boring, definitely challenging with today's business needs."

- Theo Wall
Central Office, IS Business Systems Analyst, 22 years of service

"I really like how proud people are to work at Winroc. Some employees have worked here for over 30 years – and I hope to break the record! The longevity of our employees is the best indicator that Winroc is a great place to work."

- Karen Cook
Manager of Corporate Reporting

"I have made Winroc my home for the past 28 years and have seen it grow from a small company with operations in Manitoba to a dynamic corporation operating across Canada and the United States. This growth can be attributed to focused leadership and dedicated, ambitious team players. I have grown with the company not only in career advancement but personal development as well. I have worked in various cities in Canada and the US. Winroc has operated and continues to operate with honesty and integrity from all segments of the company. The Winroc motto is "People, Tradition and Pride". The company does realize that without focusing on quality people and the need for employee training the dramatic growth it has seen in the last 12 years would not have been possible. I can only say that I could not imagine where I would be today if it were not for my Winroc. "

- Tom Campbell

"Our Windsor location is celebrating our 30th year of business, five of which have been under the Winroc name. Our staff of fifteen employees have amassed 175 years experience, employee retention and satisfaction is very high. Many of our employees have worked their way up through the system from delivery personnel to sales and management. I think I speak for everyone in Windsor, we made the right choice for a career, and you are not just a number at Winroc."

- Garret Mousseau
Operations Supervisor
Winroc Windsor

In my 7-1/2 years of working for Winroc I have found that the opportunities for growth and self improvement within the company are limited only by your desire and drive. Winroc provides the tools, training and experience necessary for you to be able to better yourself and add value to your position within the company. I have worked at 3 locations and each transfer has been proof of the commitment that Winroc has toward their employees and their desire to help you reach your full potential. I look forward to a long career with Winroc and am excited to see where it will take me.

- Jason Alexander
Operations Manager
Winroc Las Vegas

Why is Winroc a great company to work for? Well there are many reasons but the most important is that we are a family. Each branch has their own personality and the Corporate office complements this by bringing us all together.  We all celebrate the milestones that each branch has accomplished.

No one at Winroc is "low on the totem pole" as we are all essential to the daily operation of Winroc as a whole. This company understands that. Each person is an individual and Winroc allows us to be ourselves while helping us learn and encourage us in our career paths.

Why have I been with Winroc for 10 years? Well, you take care of family and they take care of you!

Kathryn Dunn
US Accounting Supervisor