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Winrocs! - employer brand description

Terry Firth, current Winroc employee.

Home of the entrepreneurial spirit

Winroc’s entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our organization. Our founder, Wayne Jack, selected the original branch managers who laid the foundation for Winroc’s future success. The original values they instilled in the branches in 1971 – people, tradition and pride – are still fundamental to our culture today.

Wayne believed, as we do now, that you can’t provide great customer service from head office 1,000 km or 600 miles away. It’s the people in the branches, working with customers, who need to be able to answer questions and make decisions in the customers’ best interests. Today, each of Winroc’s branches operates essentially as its own business – because people who feel like business owners do a better job of looking after customers. Winroc’s benefits package will allow you to share in your branch’s success and in Winroc’s overall success.

As Winroc has grown, we’ve made room for a new generation of entrepreneurial people. We need more decision makers and leaders to continue building on our success. If you think like an entrepreneur and feel ready to join a dynamic, growth-oriented company, apply today.