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Acoustical Ceilings

Absorption Plus Acoustical Panels Absorption Plus Acoustical Panels

Our Absorption Plus panels reduce the sound reverberation time to enhance space acoustical performance. The panels are fabricated to meet the most challenging acoustical demands at schools, theaters and performance centers, meeting rooms, offices, restaurants, sound studios, etc.

All panel orders are custom fabricated to meet the specific project application requirements and reduce installation time. Constructed of a high quality fiberglass substrate and a broad range of fabrics, patterns and colors to provide unlimited design flexibility panels provide excellent NRC and Class A fire ratings. Combining form and function Absorption Plus panels are ideally suited for a variety of designer applications on CMU block and gypsum walls, ceilings and decks or suspended as Baffles and Clouds. High Impact panel versions are also available for more physically demanding applications as well as Tack Boards for functional work space accents.

Reasons customers select Absorption Plus:

  • Typical lead time of 2 – 3 weeks VS industry standard 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Panels are made to order, virtually eliminating field modifications.
  • Composite Class A fire rating for most panel types.
  • Quicker installation with virtually no job site modifications.
  • Excellent Sound Absorption NRC ratings.
  • All orders ship in wood crates reducing damage and freight claims that cause job delays.
  • Wide range of fabrics, patterns and color options from industry leading manufacturers.
  • “New” rapid renewable cellulose facing offers unlimited imaging capability for unique visual designs.
  • Ability to get all acoustical needs from one trusted source.
  • Competitively priced.

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