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Acoustical Ceilings

FirePlug and FireStrip FirePlug and FireStrip

Our FirePlug and FireStrip products are key components of a proper firestop top of wall joint system. These precut shapes represent a cost effective solution for corrugated metal deck applications eliminating the time consuming task of match fitting drywall to the deck profile. FireStrip is also used for straight joint applications in floor, wall and ceiling assemblies. The shapes are made from minimum 6 lb. density, high temperature mineral fiber with proper fiber orientation for joint compression cycles. They install quickly, reducing labor costs as well as firestop material usage due to the smooth, flat application surface. Note: we also provide precut Curtain Wall and Safing insulation materials.

FirePlug / FireStrip Provides:

  • Proper packing for Firestop top of wall joints helps to ensure application fire rating is achieved.
  • Reduced labor costs with quick and easy installation and faster application of Firestop spray or caulk
  • Reduced Firestop material cost with improved coverage with smooth flat packing material.
  • A joint packing system that accommodates movement.
  • Custom cut FirePlug and FireStrip shapes fit project joint requirements.
  • Competitive pricing.

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