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Acoustical Ceilings

SafeLite Safelite Ceiling Fixture Enclosure

Our UL listed (US & Canada) SafeLite enclosures provide documented sound blocking and maintain ceiling assembly fire ratings. As required by building code and detailed in UL suspended & drywall assembly listings for rated Floor/Ceiling or Roof/Ceiling assemblies, recessed can light, florescent and high hats must be must be protected. Model energy code also requires ceiling light fixtures that reduce energy losses.

Patented SafeLite is a UL listed solution to the labor intensive approach of field fabricating fragile enclosures from ceiling tile or drywall. As documented by independent acoustical and fire testing SafeLite enclosures restore ceiling sound blocking and assembly fire performance. UL designs for suspended and drywall ceilings assemblies include coverage for small can lights up to 20” x 60” fixtures for up to 3 hour fire ratings.

SafeLite Provides:

  • A wide range of UL listed assemblies provides documented fire protection for all types of construction.
  • Documented acoustical performance improves speech privacy (HIPAA Regs.) and reduces other unwanted sound transmission through the ceiling.
  • An effective R value of 5.2 at 75F reduces energy costs, greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.
  • Considerable installation labor savings as lightweight covers (7.5 lbs. for a 2’ x 2’ fixture) install in about 6 minutes.
  • A more durable enclosure VS traditional field constructed ceiling tile or drywall enclosure, minimizing call backs and potential liability.
  • An enclosure produced from natural materials with recycled content up to 90%.
  • Documented acoustical, thermal and fire protection performance, SafeLite is the superior solution!

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