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Steel Framing

Steel Framing

More steel lengths and thicknesses than the big-box stores.

Stud and track light-gauge. Heavy-gauge 10-inch steel beams for exterior framing. Lengths of 8 to 24 feet in stock. Winroc’s steel is manufactured domestically to local manufacturing standards and building codes. All of the steel you’ll find in our Canadian branches is manufactured in Canada and all of the steel in our American branches is American steel. We also supply all of the clips and fasteners you need to build a structurally sound wall.

Nowadays more and more construction companies and even do-it-yourselfers are opting for the fire safety, flexibility, product consistency and installation speed of steel stud construction over wood. Winroc can order in custom steel framing to any lengths and industry standards. Just tell us your specs and when you need it, and we’ll contact our nearest supplier. Custom orders save you the time, money and the hassle of modifying standard sizes to fit on your job site.