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Top Seven Ways to Green Your Project

Top Seven Ways to Green Your Project
  1. Choose steel studs over wood framing. Steel's production has a tiny impact on forest habitat compared with framing made from trees.
  2. Avoid products containing Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are potentially harmful chemicals in many products that vaporize at room temperature, causing indoor air pollution.
  3. Recycle Ceiling Tiles. Winroc is partnering with Armstrong to recycle old ceiling tiles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Find out how.
  4. Check the percentage of recycled content. Recycled content varies greatly in different types of wall and ceiling products. Check the package or ask a Winroc Green Champion to help you find the products with the most recycled content.
  5. Rely on local suppliers. LEED guidelines award points for using wall and ceiling products manufactured within 500 miles of where they're used.
  6. Match exterior colours to your climate. Lighter colours will help to keep your home or building cool, while darker colours will help to heat your home or building.
  7. Consider the entire product lifecycle. Products made from recycled materials can usually be recycled again. Using recycled products promotes green building now and recycling them again down the road will divert waste from your local landfill in the future.